Building a Custom Trail Map Using OSM and Mapbox

Here is an overview of the process I use for building my own custom hiking trail map. The data (trails, summits, etc…) are available as open source from OSM. MapBox Studio provides excellent tools for formatting and hosting GIS data pretty much anyway you want. The magic was in fetching the data and processing it … Continue reading Building a Custom Trail Map Using OSM and Mapbox

Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

I recently switched my hiking conditions website from HTTP and HTTPS.  Google’s documentation noted there may be a dip in my search rank and traffic while they re-index the site, but my experience was almost no detectable dip in the numbers. Here is the before and after from my Google Analytics account: That being said. Don’t … Continue reading Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

Parsing HTML5 IMG srcset

I needed a simple function to use in a TrailsNH Bot to find the largest image in an HTML5 srcset. Here’s what I came up with. function getLargestImage($srcsetString){ $images = array(); // split on comma $srcsetArray = explode(“,”, $srcsetString); foreach($srcsetArray as $srcString){ // split on whitespace – optional descriptor $imgArray = explode(” “, trim($srcString)); // … Continue reading Parsing HTML5 IMG srcset

AvantLink HTTPS Link-Chain Fixer

I’m working on a script to modify all AvantLink Affiliate tracking links on your site to fix some of the known issues in switching to HTTPS. The AvantLink HTTPS Link-Chain Fixer script changes two things: The URL to AvantLink, and The link to the Merchant landing page. The script has a built in 1 second delay … Continue reading AvantLink HTTPS Link-Chain Fixer

National Weather Service (NWS) new API

NWS API has a bunch of changes coming 2017. The documentation is a little light right now, but it sounds like the old DWML/XML feeds are going away.  We will have to pull the data using the new API. Here is what I have learned about this new API so far while replacing the digitalDWML FcstType feed for my … Continue reading National Weather Service (NWS) new API

Review: Rating: 1 (1/5 stars) Reviewer: Kimball, Goffstown NH, January 23, 2017 Starting At: $35 per year.   Are you looking to buy a domain name? Do yourself a favor and do not go with Network Solutions, their customer service is horrible, and their fees are over priced. It’s not just me who hates them, … Continue reading Review:

Review: Internet Domain Name Services (iDNS)

Internet Domain Name Services (iDNS) Rating: 1 (1/5 stars) Reviewer: Kimball, Goffstown NH, July 7, 2015 Starting At: $45 per year.   Did you get mail from a company called “iDNS” saying “You must renew your domain name…“? Don’t fall for it, it’s a SCAM!  The letter and envelope I got look like this: Is iDNS Legit? … Continue reading Review: Internet Domain Name Services (iDNS)

Host your website at SiteGround

SiteGround Web Hosting Rating: 5 (5/5 stars) Reviewer: Kimball, Goffstown NH, May 13, 2015 Starting At: $3.95 per month.   I have been using web hosting for my clients since summer 2013. It took me a while but I finally switched my personal sites over in July 2014. I highly recommend them. SiteGround runs fast modern servers, in a reliable … Continue reading Host your website at SiteGround

Mobilegeddon Help

Have you heard about “Mobilegeddon”?  On April 21 2015 Google adjusted it’s search ranking  where sites that are not mobile-friendly drop in the search results. Here is a peek at my Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability report for TrailsNH. My issues broke down into 4 categories: Content not sized for viewport Touch Elements too close Viewport not configured … Continue reading Mobilegeddon Help