Parsing HTML5 IMG srcset

I needed a simple function to use in a TrailsNH Bot to find the largest image in an HTML5 srcset. Here’s what I came up with. function getLargestImage($srcsetString){ $images = array(); // split on comma $srcsetArray = explode(“,”, $srcsetString); foreach($srcsetArray as $srcString){ // split on whitespace – optional descriptor $imgArray = explode(” “, trim($srcString)); // … Continue reading Parsing HTML5 IMG srcset

AvantLink HTTPS Link-Chain Fixer

I’m working on a script to modify all AvantLink Affiliate tracking links on your site to fix some of the known issues in switching to HTTPS. The AvantLink HTTPS Link-Chain Fixer script changes two things: The URL to AvantLink, and The link to the Merchant landing page. The script has a built in 1 second delay … Continue reading AvantLink HTTPS Link-Chain Fixer

National Weather Service (NWS) new API

NWS API has a bunch of changes coming 2017. The documentation is a little light right now, but it sounds like the old DWML/XML feeds are going away.  We will have to pull the data using the new API. Here is what I have learned about this new API so far while replacing the digitalDWML FcstType feed for my … Continue reading National Weather Service (NWS) new API

Review: Rating: 1 (1/5 stars) Reviewer: Kimball, Goffstown NH, January 23, 2017 Starting At: $35 per year.   Are you looking to buy a domain name? Do yourself a favor and do not go with Network Solutions, their customer service is horrible, and their fees are over priced. It’s not just me who hates them, … Continue reading Review:

Review: Internet Domain Name Services (iDNS)

Internet Domain Name Services (iDNS) Rating: 1 (1/5 stars) Reviewer: Kimball, Goffstown NH, July 7, 2015 Starting At: $45 per year.   Did you get mail from a company called “iDNS” saying “You must renew your domain name…“? Don’t fall for it, it’s a SCAM!  The letter and envelope I got look like this: Is iDNS Legit? … Continue reading Review: Internet Domain Name Services (iDNS)

Host your website at SiteGround

SiteGround Web Hosting Rating: 5 (5/5 stars) Reviewer: Kimball, Goffstown NH, May 13, 2015 Starting At: $3.95 per month.   I have been using web hosting for my clients since summer 2013. It took me a while but I finally switched my personal sites over in July 2014. I highly recommend them. SiteGround runs fast modern servers, in a reliable … Continue reading Host your website at SiteGround

Mobilegeddon Help

Have you heard about “Mobilegeddon”?  On April 21 2015 Google adjusted it’s search ranking  where sites that are not mobile-friendly drop in the search results. Here is a peek at my Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability report for TrailsNH. My issues broke down into 4 categories: Content not sized for viewport Touch Elements too close Viewport not configured … Continue reading Mobilegeddon Help