Resume: Kimball Rexford

Kimball M. Rexford

31 Summer St, Goffstown, NH


Senior Web Designer Developer specializing in responsive data-driven front-end design and back-end automation. Extensive expertise in custom  responsive templates for CMS systems in PHP, CSS3, and HTML5.

Languages & Frameworks:
  • CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript
  • PHP5, ASP,
  • jQuery, jQuery Mobile
  • SEO,  Microformats
  • Google/XML sitemaps
  • MySQL, MS SQL, Access
  • Oracle, Tamino XMLDB
  • Joomla!, WordPress
  • Google Maps API
  • VB, VBscript, ActiveX
Work Experience:
2009 – Present Site Designer Developer
Develop bots in PHP to scrape, parse, and GeoTag HTML pages, and automate content publishing (MySQL to JSON & HTML). Aggregate data on Google Maps via API. Implement SEO Schemes, leverage microformats, XML sitemaps.
Stats: Peak season (May): 35,000 pageviews per month, 49% new visitors, 1,300+/- pages in Google, 1,200+/- indexed/updated per day.
2006 – Present Freelance Web Developer
Responsible for all phases of web development from client relations, through site design and development, to site launch and maintenance.  WordPress, Joomla, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, LAMP Environment, Site Security and Administration.
See my portfilio at
2007 – 2008 Web Developer
Photoshop to PHP/HTML/CSS/AJAX site development.
2002 – 2006 Senior Software Engineer
@ Hewlett Packard
Developed  and maintained  back-end aggregation and distribution system for product hierarchy (MS SQL Server).  Developed  several content aggregation/ scraping  systems (HTML to SQL). Developed  several automated content publishing systems (SQL to HTML)
1997 – 2002 Senior Webmaster
@ Compaq Computer Corporation
Co-developed  many consumer and  3rd-party  support sites. Developed  index and search system for support documentation. Implemented  Serial number lookup API. ASP, HTML, ODBC/ADO, IIS, MS SQL, VBscript, JavaScript, Coldfusion/FoxPro
1986 – 1997 Senior Graphic Designer
@ Digital Equipment Corporation
Book, Cover, & CD design, package design, technical illustrations. Developed library and processing system for illustration on DCL, RDBC. Developed  interactive team whiteboard on HTML, IIS, FrontPage Exts., OLEDB, Access

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