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Reviewer: Kimball, Goffstown NH, January 23, 2017
Starting At: $35 per year.


Are you looking to buy a domain name? Do yourself a favor and do not go with Network Solutions, their customer service is horrible, and their fees are over priced. It’s not just me who hates them, their customer service is getting hammered on Yelp, Consumer Affairs, and WhoIsHostingThis. And it’s not limited to just bad service, I’m actually filing a Domain Renewal Complaint with ICANN, and complaints with the FCC and Better Business Bureau against Network Solutions.

As a independent website developer working for many different companies I have worked on sites on most of the major web hosting companies out there. I often have to contact the support staff to flip a switch or something and expect them to be helpful. Network Solutions customer support is the pits. I’ve contacted them via chat and support tickets 6 times in the last 3 business days. Man they SUCK! They only want to sell you more services. Do Not Use I have an alternative for you below.


I have used and recommended SiteGround web hosting since 2013. They are a little more expensive then the discount places, but totally worth it. They run cutting edge technology and offer world class customer support that is really helpful.

Oh ya, One more thing. I freaking hate upsell! If you do too avoid Godaddy, NetworkSolutions and any EIG owned hosting company.

– Kimball

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Kimball is a website designer and developer in Goffstown, NH.

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