Who is iDNS and Should I Pay Them?

Did you get one of these iDNS “Domain Name Expiration Notice” letters in the mail? Don’t pay them, and here’s why …

This post is an update to my July 2015 review of iDNS: Review: Internet Domain Name Services (iDNS)  

Who is iDNS? iDNS runs a scam designed to trick you and take your money. They are not your domain registrar. They found out through public records your domain name is expiring and sent you a letter trying to trick you into a domain transfer (not a renewal).

iDNS Is A Scam
iDNS Is A Scam

Why is iDNS still around and is it legal? Well, domain transfers are legal. BUT!, most of us read the letter and think we are paying for a “renewal”, which you  are not. Read the letter again, it’s for a transfer and you don’t want that.

Should I Pay iDNS? NO. To renew your domain name registration, you need to pay the company where you bought your domain name from, not iDNS. If you can’t remember try looking up your  domain’s public WHOIS record or call me (603-497-2500) and I’ll try to help. Full disclosure: I am not associated with iDNS in any way. I’m an independent website developer just trying to get the word out about this scam.

Maybe transferring my domain name to iDNS could be a good thing? OMG No! Read any of the 70+ comments on my 2015 review of iDNS.  Here are a few of the “highlights”: “EXTREMELY RUDE, OBNOXIOUS“,  “arrogant“, “HORRIBLE COMPANY!!“, “the guy … told me to SHUT UP“, and perhaps the most telling of them all “I spoke to the [iDNS] representative aka Satan. I’ve never encountered such a horrible terrible person

Can I get my money back from iDNS? Yes, people who have fallen for this domain transfer trick have told me they got a refund from iDNS. What you need to do is call 1-844-855-4367 or email support@idnsinc.com and ask for a refund. Brace yourself for the “horrible terrible person” to call you names and tell you off, but be persistent and ask for a refund. It should work.

How can you help? If you have any experience with iDNS (good or bad) please leave a comment here on my blog. Your experience will help the rest of us know what’s going on and what to expect.

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