Password Generator – WordPress Plugin

I created this Password Generator plugin for WordPress. Running my own random password generator I can be sure 1) the passwords are truly random, and 2) the passwords are not copied or saved at all when they are generated. My plugin adds a shortcode to WordPress and accepts the following parameters: The display below has … Continue reading Password Generator – WordPress Plugin

Solarize Plus Template for WordPress

Looking for a WordPress Template or Website for a community Solarize+ project? I built a mobile friendly WordPress template in 2018 for Nashua Solarize+. This template includes all of the features you need for your community Solarize+ project: Events schedule on every page Company and sponsor logos on every page Contact Form on the homepage, … Continue reading Solarize Plus Template for WordPress

Known WordPress Vulnerabilities – July 2019

According to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures and The Free and Open Software Security Community here are the main current security issues with WordPress. The known issues are in plugins and one theme. The WordPress Application itself (the Core) does not have any know issues at this time. The plugin names in bold are ones I’ve … Continue reading Known WordPress Vulnerabilities – July 2019

NOAA Weather Forecast – WordPress Plugin

I built a WordPress plugin for displaying the weather forecast. The forecast data is pulled from the NOAA NWS Forecast API. The plugin has a shortcode that can be placed on a post, page, or in a widget, anywhere you want to show the forecast. The shortcode takes two perimeters: 1) the location (as latitude, … Continue reading NOAA Weather Forecast – WordPress Plugin


Watch out for this scam email from This is NOT for your domain name registration. This is a trick. is a scammy service offering to manage your “Domain name search engine registration“. A service you do not need. You do not need to register your website in order for your site to show … Continue reading Scam:

Strong Password Generator

12 characters long, mixed case, completely random passwords, generated on the fly and never saved. More than Nineteen Sextillion (19,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) possible combinations. I often need Strong Passwords for client accounts, and found myself using online password generators all the time, so I built this Strong Password Generator for WordPress.

Scanning For Vulnerabilities:

In reviewing a website log this morning I came across this string of hits. The of this traffic is about 1 hit every 3 seconds, or 20 hits per minute. This is clearly from a bot at IP, in Sakarya, Turkey. This log includes the Referrer (where the traffic was came from) which I … Continue reading Scanning For Vulnerabilities:

Mary A. Sweeney Home Website

Mary A. Sweeney Home is a senior housing community for single women located in Nashua, NH. The Mary Sweeney Home features 31 apartment-style residences each with a unique view and amenities. Seniors choose to live at Mary Sweeney Home because of the peace of mind, and healthy and social living it affords them. The Home lost … Continue reading Mary A. Sweeney Home Website

Website for Grasmere Village Water Precinct

This December I built a new WordPress site for the Grasmere Village Water Precinct, in Goffstown NH. This Water Precinct provides water service and fire protection for the small village of Grasmere in Goffstown NH. For the site I created a custom WordPress Theme based on Neve By Themeisle. Neve promotes itself as a “super fast” … Continue reading Website for Grasmere Village Water Precinct

Website Upgrade for Eastman Charitable Foundation

Eastman is a non-profit charitable foundation that promotes environmental stewardship, education, and green recreation in Grantham, Enfield, and Springfield New Hampshire. This project was to modernize Eastman’s old WordPress website, and give it a new cleaner look. I based my custom theme for this one on the Khaown theme for it’s ADA compliance and it’s Bootstrap … Continue reading Website Upgrade for Eastman Charitable Foundation

Website Cost Calculator

How much does a basic website cost? This free online calculator will give you a rough estimate from just 5 questions. Need a website in a hurry? I can have your basic website up and running in days. Give me a call to check availability and review your details: 603-497-2500 I’ve also included at the … Continue reading Website Cost Calculator