Bob Hanson Website Builder Scam

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Don’t you hate those Bob Hanson robocalls? Me too, I get that annoying call at least once a month. It has to be a scam, because clearly I do not need a website developer, I have been a freelance web developer for years.

The call with “Bob’s” annoying voice starts like this ….

Hi, I’m Bob Hanson. My partner Chelsey and I build websites … ”

…. that’s when I hang up.

Who I am and What I do


My name is Kimball Rexford, you have landed on my website

I’m not a spammer or scammer like Bob Hanson. I’m a freelance website designer and developer, with years of experience.

If you’re looking for a web developer, I can help.

I have been a freelance website developer since 2007. Before that I built websites at a small advertising company, and web-based applications for a large computer company.

If you have questions about your website, or considering a new one, please give me a call.

Need A New Website?

Get a quick estimate. For a small website, you can easily generate a pretty good estimate using my Website Cost Calculator

For large sites it’s better to just give me a call: 603-497-2500

Need Help With Maintenance, Upgrades, or Repairs?

I maintain lots of sites professionally. I’m also very good at fixing broken websites. I can take care of your regular maintenance, under my Website Maintenance Plans, or on an as-needed basis at my standard hourly rate.

Let’s talk about what you need: 603-497-2500

Bob Hanson Scam

The internet has tons of reports on this robocall. You and I are not the only ones frustrated with it.

Complaints on Bob Hanson robocalls

Here are some of the complaints I found about the Bob Hanson robocalls: 

Bob Hansen Buzz Across The Internet

There is a surprising amount of buzz about this Bob Hansen Scam.

RankDid you hear Hansen or Hanson?
Did he says website developer, designer or builder?
1bob hansen website builder248
2bob hanson website builder178
3hi my name is bob hanson11
4bob hansen web designer11
5bob hanson web design9
6bob hanson website7
7bob hansen website developer4
8bob hanson website designer4
9bob henson website builder4
10bobby hansen website builder4
11bob hansen website4
12bob the website builder4
13bob hanson website design3
14bob hansen websites2
15bob hansen website designer1
16bob hanson web designer1
17bob hanson website developer1
18hi my name is bob hansen1
Internet buzz about this Bob Hansen Robocalls

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