3D Maps for Ty Gagne’s New Book: The Last Traverse

Buy The Book: “The Last Traverse”I had the pleasure of working with Ty Gagne on his new book, “The Last Traverse

Last winter Ty contacted me looking for “cold-looking” maps for an up coming book he was working on. He had seen a map style that he wanted to replicate. I love maps, spend a lot of time mapping data and building maps, and I told him I’d be happy to create them. The book is a tragedy about two hikers. A story like this has a lot of data, points and paths where events occurred. After many many emails we had all the points plotted, and the paths defined. Below are some of the maps I came up with. The published then annotated my winter-looking base maps.

The Last Traverse
Tragedy and Resilience in the Winter Whites
– by Ty Gagne – November 2020

A book is about two experienced hikers who set out to do the classic Franconia Ridge Loop, but in Winter. They were hit by high winds and bad weather about 1/2 though their hike as they were climbing Mt Lincoln. Only one made it back. The book is a must read for winter hikers.

Looking for custom maps for your book, website, or project? Give me a call. I love designing and creating maps.

Buy The Book: “The Last Traverse”

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“3D Maps for Ty Gagne’s New Book: The Last Traverse”

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in a 3D of Franconia Notch from Franconia Ridge to Kinsman Ridge and from Flume Gorge to Bald Mt.
    Thank you

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