Malware or Virus?

This offline chat message (via MyLiveChat) that came in from “” looks like a possible malware attempt. Did you get it too? What do you think?

I don’t sell any products, so their email is clearly a form letter. I would not open the links because they do not pass the link smell test:

  • Where did the link come from? I do not know know this company or person. A google search of the site ( shows the site is empty or hidden
  • Why should I click the link? The message does not apply to meI don’t sell products.
  • Does the link look right? The link looks simple and real, and not a spoof . If the message applied to me (I don’t sell products) and the google search showed a real company at the other end I might have fallen for it. 

NEVER EVER download a document before giving it the small test. Google the company first as well as review their website (without clicking on the links they sent).

Note: The links below are intentionally broken, I replaced the slashes “/” and at signs “@” with pipes “|”

Time:2018-01-16 12:27:26
Page Title:https:|||files|doc|wholesale.doc
Location:Singapore, Singapore
Client:Win7| Firefox17| en-US
Message:Hello, Dear Sir / Madame.
We are interested in buying several products from you in different quantities.
I have prepared a list of products we are interested in.
Please download it and have a look at it. Is everything currently in stock?https:|||files|doc|wholesale.docLooking forward to your reply.

Best Wishes,
Nicole Yonker
Sales Executive

Update 2017-01-25: reported a spammer 16 times on Jan 16, 2018 on the

Also the Name (Nicole), IP address (, and email address ( are on the Singapore list for January 20th 2018.

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