This review is a followup to a post I wrote in April 2020 about Foremedia spam, and a threatening email I received from their legal department. If you have experience with please leave a comment below. is promoted as being a Media Agency, and an alternative Ad Network for Google AdSense. The reviews on Foremedia from my readers are really bad, be sure to ready the comments section below.

Foremedia is part of ForeShop Group a digital marketing company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. ForeMedia manages around 900 niche content websites in various niches across all verticals. We developed a state of the art system that generates a perennial revenue system for your business. We build content niche websites that have the ability to generate revenue through traffic, advertising, affiliate products, and more.

– foremedia-crew Company Profile

Parent Company: ForeShopGroup

Known Spam Address:

There has been almost 500 websites reporting since January 2021 from WordPress and Drupal spam filters that spammed their website. It appears stopped spamming from the jannine@ address in June 2021. See the cleantalk spam log here:

Is Legit?

At this point it’s impossible to say if is legit or not. I’ve been searching the net trying to figure it out. So far I’ve only found one Facebook comment saying they run foremedia ads, but that website is gone now. The social media interactions, comments, and likes on their posts is very very low. And, the reviews I’ve found seem so similar it makes me think they are fake.

Review SiteIs Legit?Notes/Warning
bloggingbooth“… lots of bloggers are already using it but are yet to give us feedback about withdrawal … “
giantgist“… although many people have been using it, but none seems to have meet their minimum withdrawal in order to share testimony
xycinews“… I can’t declare the platform scam (or legit). I’m still investigating the platform …”Warning: website contains Malware
thelegitbro“… I can’t declare the platform scam (or legit) …”
nairatechs“… I can’t say the platform is scam or legit… “
scamadviserNot rated yet.
One comment said: “This company is very fraudulent.…”
Facebook PostRomana Snaba:
“… We use foremedia for one of our sites …”
The website is no longer available“… is still a new ad network, and I am yet to hear of any negative reviews.”
Is Legit? review


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  1. SCAM 100%. They scam you just before you reach the threshold.. Ad fraud they said and I started seeing more ads and no money. I they just sabotage you before you reach the threshold.

  2. Foremedia is a 100% Scam. They pushed unlimited ads in our website in all pages and after we got revenue with $1,443 they closed our account without any payments nor notification.
    Their support is very bad and very rude with arrogant tone.
    Don’t waste your time using this platform.

  3. I cannot affirm that they are a scam, but something is fishy. The moment you add the Ads.txt and the requirements to start getting revenue from your website, that is when you will see the your website plastered with ads. The “controls” don’t work. You might think that you can turn off the floaters or interstitial, but they turn them back on. Don’t even start thinking about customer care…it’s inexistent. I installed it on many websites, and all the same results.

  4. Foremedia Is a 100% Scam guy’s If you want the proof just reply I will send you the proof.
    I earned July Month $15.84
    August Month $860.85
    September Month $664.30
    They Said my traffic is invalid and they deducted all the money and the Final Earning Was $171.22 And they said this will be transferred after 45 day’s and after 45 day’s they send only $1.85. They said my page/session is 670. And my google analytics is showing only a 2.55-page session. I got payment from Google Adsense and they said invalid traffic if you need the proof I will send it to you. Please do not trust them. If you want poof just send me an email

  5. 100k impressions and less than $0.1 in revenues. They spam websites to pretend to be Google partners with adx exchange when all their ads are irrelevant (Their ads are just banners of clickbait articles).
    Support is horrible as well. If you try to get explanations, they’ll just copy/paste typical fake promises with no real numbers or answers and using a very arrogant tone.
    Worse ad network I’ve ever tried for the past 5 years, do not even bother testing it.

  6. I will tell you soon as I reached minimum payout now I earned $530

    On 15 October it will transfer to balance and reach my account on 1st November

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