Goffstown NH Weather Forecast

I built a WordPress plugin for displaying the weather forecast. The forecast data is pulled from the NOAA NWS Forecast API. The plugin has a shortcode that can be placed on a post, page, or in a widget, anywhere you want to show the forecast.

The shortcode takes two perimeters:
1) the location (as latitude, longitude), and
2) the number of days to show. Something like this
[ weather location="43.0237,-71.6023" days="4" ]

The plug has a separate template file that can be customized to change the look of the forecast.

The plugin has built-in cache management. Caching prevents it from hit NOAA’s API every time the forecast is requested. If you hit the API too often NOAA may kick you off. The cache duration is configurable. A 6 hour cache works well for general use.

So here is the shortcode in action. It will grab NOAA’s 7 day forecast for my neighborhood (43.0237, -71.6023)

Goffstown, NH

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