Google Maps Pricing Increase

My Google Maps bill is forecast to jump almost a 1000% this month. The app I built 10 years ago ( gets real busy in the spring as hikers get anxious to hit the trail. This increase in traffic I expect going from the off-season to the busy-season. Ad revenue also goes up too, but not to the tune of 1000%!

When I started this project Google Maps was free. Now they require my credit card on file. Talk about scary! Lucky for us over the last 10 years the GPS, GIS, and mapping market has changed a lot. These new services are easier to work with, very reliable, and cheaper. It’s time to switch!

Shows cost of Google Maps dropping after converting map app to Leaflet

On the 15th I converted my busiest Google Map to Leaflet, and a free base layer. Check out that drop in Google Maps Billing! Yahoo! No more 1000% increase. And in another month of so my Google Map Bill will shrink to almost zero.

Want to Shrink Your Google Maps Bill?

I’m a freelance web developer with more than 10 years experience working with Google Maps. Let’s talk about your maps, and what it would take to convert it to Leaflet. The consultation will cost you nothing. Call me, Kimball, at 603-497-2500.

(This page could use a before and after image of the map I converted. I’ll add to that soon. )

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