Is Legit?

I got the following text message on my work phone 603-497-2500 today, from 208-510-6483. I’m pretty sure I’ve received other text messages just like it, but I have no record of it as that number.

The link in the email had a tracking code as the page name. I’ve changed the tracking code below to /NNNN so it can’t be tied back to my phone number.

From 208-510-6483:

Hi, Kimball! This is Jeremy w/ TCSG. We greatly appreciate your valuable insight and time. Would you kindly share your informed opinions regarding the current issues in the state of New Hampshire? To end msgs, STOP.

I have looked around, but can not tell if is legit or not:

Replied STOP:
I replied STOP to the text message. I did not get any response or confirmation in return. Seems Fishy To Me:
These is a good change this is an Identity Theft Scam. They already have my name and phone number. For that reason I would not take this survey or give them any personal information.

Who is Jeremy w/ TCSG? 

TCSG may be a reference to The Campaign Solutions Group. I found them on LinkedIn. 8352 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111. But no mention of “”, but they offer SMS Messaging and Surveys for political campaigns.

The Campaign Solutions Group Linked in profile say:

A nationally recognized opinion data collections firm. The Campaign Solutions Group (TCSG) is here to serve your polling and research needs. Join us:!/pages/The-Campaign-Solutions-Group/156883262480

The Campaign Solutions Group list 3 employees on LinkedIn. Jeremy is not one of them.

The TCSG website is down.

The Facebook link in the bio is a very old format. Change!/pages/The-Campaign-Solutions-Group/156883262480 to and you get redirected to: This TSCG Facebook profile email address is

Google Search for “”

A Google Search for “” turns up only a few references. Mostly just a tweet on Twitter and a few retweets of it. The tweet is from 2 months ago, May 2023. The link in the tweet redirects to which now shows a letter from “National Research” saying the submission period for “Crime and Key Issues City of Seattle” survey has closed. is an online forms builder site.

Crime and Key Issues City of Seattle survey:
Since the letter does not list an address or any contact information for “National Research” I assume the “Crime and Key Issues City of Seattle” survey was is a SCAM.

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