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MtnWeekly News publishes independent gear reviews after testing outdoor gear first-hand.

MH Newsdesk Theme

SEO is highly competitive in the outdoor gear review space, and web site speed is a big factor often overlooked. A few weeks back I updated MtnWeekly with the goal of improving website performance. I broke the upgrade process down into these stages:

  1. migrate to faster web hosting
  2. streamline WordPress plugins
  3. deploy a new faster template
  4. purge and optimize old media files
  5. analyze and repair old broken links

For Web Hosting we moved the site to SiteGround. Google does not like slow websites, and SiteGround continuously improves there environment to keep it ripping fast. In comparison, GoDaddy’s web hosting is a joke. GoDaddy is so slow it will negative effects your SEO. GoDaddy is also so slow I have to charge you more to work on your site, because maintenance takes that much longer. On SiteGround, the website and WP Dashboard is noticeably faster.

For A New Theme we wanted something magazine-like, but it also had to get high performance marks. That’s how we ended up with MH Newsdesk. This theme looks great, and the code behind the scenes is rock solid.

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Kimball is a website designer and developer in Goffstown, NH.

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