New Sticker Designs for TrailsNH

This year I’ve created two new sticker designs for TrailsNH. The goal for the stickers is to help promo and fund the site. If you are interested, you can order stickers from the TrailsNH Sticker Shop

Up A Mountain, Down A Beer Sticker

I’ve been trying to create a design for “Up A Mountain, Down A Beer” for a few years now. I was not happy with any of the designs I created, till now. Hiker love beer, so “Up A Mountain, Down A Beer” is a great fit to TrailsNH.

Up A Mountain, Down A Beer
Up A Mountain, Down A Beer Sticker

This design I came up with, with the help of Midjourney AI. The Midjourney Discord interface is a pain the the ass to collaborate with, but the results are amazing. I started with a prompt asking for a logo design with mountains and a beer, and teal and orange colors. The using the variations feature (which creates more like this) and change the prompt from beer to pint glass, I came up with 80% of the final sticker design. The background colors and patterns I love. I love the clouds and how the mountains are brighter inside the pint glass.

AI messed up a few things. The background wasn’t a true circle. Some of the reflections in the glass did not make sense. And I had to incorporate the outer ring of text. The resulting collaboration looks is just fantastic.

48 NH 4000 Footers Sticker

New 48 NH 4000 Footers Sticker

For this design I wanted something like a standard 5K sticker runners put on their car.

48 is the number of mountains in New Hampshire over 4000 feet, with at least a 200 foot prominence on all sides. Most hikers call the list the NH 4000 Footers list.

White Mountain 4000 Footers Sticker

This sticker is a redesign of one I’ve sold for years. The old sticker was a little busy. The shape and colors come from the White Mountain National Forest sign, so that had not changed.

The officially name for this hiking list is the White Mountain Four Thousand Footers. Even thought most hikers these days call it “The 48” or the “NH 4000 Footers”.


If you like any of these designs visit the TrailsNH Sticker Shop to place an order. The proceeds go to help fund

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