Open Source Leave No Trace PSA’s

Do you run a hiking blog or channel? Or are you a graphic designer or can you draw? Or are you good at writing catchy ad copy or messaging? If so I want to team up with you.

The Problem: If you’ve been hiking a while, you already know lots of new people are getting into hiking each year. Most of these people don’t understand how best to care for the trail. Don’t know about LNT. Don’t realize some things them might do are rude or annoying to other hikers.

The Solution: Hiking related blogs and website (like mine: have a great opportunity to get LNT messaging in front of the new hikers. But we could use help from Writers to come up with simple to-the-point LNT-like messages, and Designers and Illustrators to help create ready-to-use PSA or Meme like images.

You would think would be doing this, but they are not. Their messaging is often long winded, terminology can differ regionally (like frontcountry) and they are not producing ready-to-use images.

I want this to be an open source project. The project is a collection of shared ideas, simple LNT-like phrases, raw images to build from, and finished memes or PSA’s. Here are some examples of these.

Simple LNT-like phrases, like: (needs work)

  • pack in, pack out
  • take nothing but pictures
  • bury your poop
  • don’t trash the trail
  • (you get the idea, I’m not a writer)

Raw images to build off of, like:

Finished Memes or PSA’s:
Feel free to download and use these PSA’s. I made them.
If the memes or PSA’s are in standard web ad sizes, like 300×250, 728×90, etc… it should be easy for website to use them. In my case I can drop images like these in my Ad Rotator.

Leave a comment below if you’re willing to help. Let me know what part of this could you help with. If others are willing to join this effort I’ll look into what platform we could use to share ideas, files, and completed PDA’s.

– Kimball

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Kimball is a website designer and developer in Goffstown, NH.

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