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I created this Password Generator plugin for WordPress. Running my own random password generator I can be sure 1) the passwords are truly random, and 2) the passwords are not copied or saved at all when they are generated.

My plugin adds a shortcode to WordPress and accepts the following parameters:

  • count=’20’ (the numbers of passwords you want generated)
  • length=’12’ (the length of the passwords)
  • case=’mixed’ (upper, lower, or mixed case)
  • special=’$,#,%,^,&’ (a list of the characters to use a special characters), or ‘false’ for none

The display below has been enlarged to make the passwords easier to see. I did this through CSS, which will not come though when you copy and paste.

KMR Password Generator

1. iYH%RSQefgfHy
2. kDx*XSNE62f1p
3. X3J^muTSTl2p5
4. 0oF:Q2GMfuBsi
5. xXM$XF85XbrFK
6. iD7+LQQEeWwGA
7. yQ4$7SSY41Qd0
8. Z0W$QzrNVfWMD
9. OhQ$RY0Cx2g57
10. 3GZ&LEONpY93T
11. Ezh#PPCPY4tNV
12. 0QR+cu9FJml5i
13. CnF$KZQ2Q0rWF
14. l6R:9vHPNt1Wk
15. 0CD$HL4nyD4oE
16. kj1+8LKTQTzZY
17. W0W$Z6vAOpRbe
19. Kud$7O4TFBiUU
20. aD0&YXPc7HWbX

What Next?

Features to consider for the next version …

The generator only includes 1 special character per password. Should more special characters be included in the password? Should it be optional how many (2, 3, 4, etc) are included?

I don’t like my mixed case function, it’s not guaranteed to include both upper and lower case. Got any ideas for a function to do this correctly and efficiently? I’m open for suggestions.

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