phpMyEdit for PHP7 and MySQLi

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phpMyEdit v5.7.1 does not work on PHP7:

[03-May-2019 08:53:30 CST6CDT] PHP Fatal error:
Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in /home/.../public_html/.../phpMyEdit.class.php:317
Stack trace:
0 /home/.../public_html/.../phpMyEdit.class.php(3072): phpMyEdit->sql_connect()
1 /home/.../public_html/.../phpMyEdit.class.php(3111): phpMyEdit->connect()
2 /home/.../public_html/.../phpMyEdit.class.php(3372): phpMyEdit->execute()
3 /home/.../public_html/.../edit.php(169): phpMyEdit->phpMyEdit(Array)
4 {main}
thrown in /home/.../public_html/data/phpMyEdit.class.php on line 317

To bring it up to PHP7 I updated:

  • the __construct functions
  • migrated the mysql_* calls to mysqli_*

Here is the updated phpMyEdit class file:


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7 comments on:
“phpMyEdit for PHP7 and MySQLi”

  1. Hi,

    Unfortunately the above link to the updated phpMyEdit class is broken. Any chance to have it fixed soon? Thanks in advance!

  2. Can you help me where to put in phpMyEdit class file

    // Change character set to utf8

    1. At line 318, like so….

      function sql_connect() /* {{{ */
      $this->dbh = @ini_get(‘allow_persistent’)
      ? @mysqli_pconnect($this->hn, $this->un, $this->pw)
      : @mysqli_connect($this->hn, $this->un, $this->pw);
      mysqli_set_charset($this->dbh, “utf8”);

      } /* }}} */

    2. Modify the function sql_connect() with adding the follow 2 lines worked for me !!!

      function sql_connect() /* {{{ */
      $this->dbh = @ini_get(‘allow_persistent’)
      ? @mysqli_pconnect($this->hn, $this->un, $this->pw)
      : @mysqli_connect($this->hn, $this->un, $this->pw);

      mysqli_query($this->dbh,”set character_set_client=’utf8′”);
      mysqli_query($this->dbh,”set character_set_results=’utf8′”);

      } /* }}} */

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