Poor User Experience With Google Advertising Accounts

With Google Ad Manager and Google AdSense you are only allowed to have 1 account. No big, we are happy to play by your rules. However, now I find myself in a pickle. This problem I caused myself, not realizing I was violating Google’s only one account policy. You know, sometimes you are in a hurry, and don’t do your research first.

My goal was to separate my personal google account, from the google advertising accounts use by TrailsNH.com.

Anyway, Now I find myself with new AdSence and Ad Manager accounts that are broken (not approved). My old accounts I’ve had since 2009 for AdSence, and 2019 for Ad Manager. The new ones some how got created during the EZIOC signup process. The new ones won’t work, because they are duplicates. UGH!

This is where Google totally fucks up their user experience. You can’t close the new account. They only let you ‘close the other account’. If having only one account is so important to Google, why don’t they include close this account and close the other account buttons here to facilitate the process?

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