Watch out for this scam email from This is NOT for your domain name registration. This is a trick. is a scammy service offering to manage your “Domain name search engine registration“. A service you do not need.

You do not need to register your website in order for your site to show up in search results. Search engines will find your site without registering. By default they will look for /sitemap.xml and /robots.txt in the root folder of your domain for instructions on what to index, and what to ignore. WordPress generates these for you.

I recommend you install Google Site Kit For WordPress. This will help you know how your site is preforming in Google Searcher and if there are any issues, and how your audience interacts with the site.

Here is the body of the scam email, redacted with ######. Don’t fall for it.

This is an enquiry email via from:
Fermin Galleghan <>



Attention: Accounts Payable / Domain Owner / Contact – ######

Your Domain:
Expected Reply before: Feb 13, 2023.

This Notice for: will expire on Feb 13, 2023.

*For details and to make a payment for services by credit card:


021320230653350660 ### ## ##

Here is a redacted screen capture of the scam email:

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