SPAM: generic form letter

I got this spam email from last night via the contact form on At a quick glance it sounds legit. But, it’s just a generic form letter. “your content is amazing Really engaging and original” You can say that for just about any website.

This is the 4th time I received this generic letter. Once about every two weeks. Each letter exactly the same.

NAME: Jannine
If you are receiving this message it is because we have visited your site, and we think that your content is amazing Really engaging and original, you should have worked so hard to generate such quality content.
In Foremedia we love partnering up with people that generate great content and quality traffic, so we want to help you to monetize it better. If you become our partner, we will let you use our Premium ADX License, and you will get paid per visits to your website and no per clicks on the ads, so your revenue will be increased up to 45.
We love your content, for that reason we want you to make the best of it
If you are interested, email Jannine, our Business Development Representative at or visit our site to register. Our team will contact you by phone, Skype, or mail.
Have a good day
Click the link here to learn more:

Update: May 2021:

I’ve received the following email from on May 10th saying I’m making a false claim. They say their email to me was not SPAM.

To me it seemed like SPAM, that’s why I wrote the post. I felt it was not genuine. Not written about my site. I felt it was just a generic message. And I’ve also received multiple copies of the letter in the past. All exact the same.

You are reading this post because you got this email ForeMedia, and thought something was off about it. You thought it was spam too, right? If it’s not a generic form letter sent to many websites, I apologize for calling it spam.

I think it’s odd ForeMedia don’t reply to this post and say what their side of the story is…. Own it, agree something is wrong, and say you’ll do better. That’s what was need here. Something like “Sorry, you feel it’s spam.” Or how about something like “we assure you we are legit“, and “we have an excellent BBB rating“? Maybe finish up with “we’ll update our client outreach processes to come across more genuine.” Not… I’m gonna “pursue legal action against you.”

Definition of spam:
unsolicited usually commercial messages (such as emails, text messages, or Internet postings) sent to a large number of recipients or posted in a large number of places

NAME: ForeMedia Legal Department
Hello, regarding your post claiming that we spammed you on contact forms, we would like to notify you that your post contains false claims and we ask that you remove it as soon as possible or we would pursue legal action against you.
I hope you will act reasonably and remove this shaming post, where you falsely claimed we automated sending you a message that was handle by hand by one of our employees who wanted to approach you to advertise in your site and conduct business with you via a Public contact form you decided to create for general usage of visitors on your site.
Best regards,
Legal Department on

Update: July 2020:

According to first spam activity was reported Jan 12, 2021, spammed 478 websites, and last spam activity was Jun 15, 2021 18:35:45.

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“SPAM: generic form letter”

  1. Hi, I got the same email today. How can I ban them from contacting me via WPForms? They are continuously doing it and I don’t know how to block them. Should they say I’m lying I have all 32 emails they have sent over the course of 2 months.

    1. You should flag the email from them as “spam”. That will block them. It will also inform your email provider so that may help others as well.

  2. I think the purpose is to get somehow access to the website and plant some malware or scamware.

    Got this one today as well and it makes no sense. My page is barely visible and without SEO.

    1. I have not heard is pushing malware or a scamware. Have you seen any blog posts on that? Please share.

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