Smarter Tactics Spam

This spam from SmarterTactics-Com says my design is “Absolutely Brilliant“?
Oh wow, thank you!

However, your “I noticed a mistake” comment about my SEO is bullsh*t!

here is the spam email Smarter-Tactics sent:


Your website’s design is absolutely brilliant. The visuals really enhance your message and the content compels action. I’ve forwarded it to a few of my contacts who I think could benefit from your services.

When I was looking at your site, though, I noticed a mistake that you’ve made re: search engine optimization which may be leading to a decline in your SEO results. It’s a relatively simple fix. Would you like me to write it up so that you can share it with your web team? If this is a priority, I can also get on a call.

Melissa Hxxxxxx
Digital Marketing Manager
(888) XXX-XXXX
Digital Marketing | Ad Words Management | Content & Social | Influencer Marketing

-Melissa Hxxxxxx (

Update: August 2021

From reported as spam:
31 websites attacked,
discovered May 08, 2020,
last activity Jun 24, 2021 19:10:44.

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“Smarter Tactics Spam”

  1. Received the same inquiry from Francis Guillot [] , ignored and marked as spam.

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