AdSense Needs A No Remarketing Ads Option

I’ve been using Google AdSense off and on for about 10 years ago. They preformed OK in the beginning, then Google introduced “re-marketing” ads. These ads are chosen for you based on your browsing history (something you looked at yesterday perhaps), and not based on the content you are currently reading. When you are on … Continue reading AdSense Needs A No Remarketing Ads Option

AvantLink HTTPS Link-Chain Fixer

I’m working on a script to modify all AvantLink Affiliate tracking links on your site to fix some of the known issues in switching to HTTPS.┬áThe AvantLink HTTPS Link-Chain Fixer script changes two things: The URL to AvantLink, and The link to the Merchant landing page. The script has a built in 1 second delay … Continue reading AvantLink HTTPS Link-Chain Fixer