Online Trail Map Quiz

If you follow SEO you’ve heard “Content is King” when it comes to generating traffic. Well, there is one thing better than content, and that is interactive online features, like wizards, calculators, and games. These features your readers will use over and over again, not just read once and be done with. A recent interactive … Continue reading Online Trail Map Quiz

phpMyEdit for PHP7 and MySQLi

Note: An updated version of phpMyEdit that is compatible with PHP7 and PHP8 is available on GitHub, maintained by Rajah01: I’ve stated using the GitHub/Rajah01 version. – KimballApril 2022 One of my clients uses phpMyEdit but unfortunately when we updated their web hosting account to PHP 7, phpMyEdit v5.7.1 stopped working. The changes required to … Continue reading phpMyEdit for PHP7 and MySQLi