TrailsNH DB Outage

Yesterday, November 4th TrailsNH had a 5 hour database outage. The database was near but not over the maximum space allocation, and a mistake made by my hosting company caused them to shut down access to the database.

Three days prior (November 1st) my hosting company informed me I was over the limit by almost 300MB. I jumped on it immediately. I reduced the space I was using by offload tables, and remove indexes no longer required. Within a few hours the DB was safely under the limit with 15MB of free space.

Yesterday the hosting company shut down access to the DB. Why? Because they thought I was over the limit. However, they had not refreshed their DB statistics and were reviewing old numbers from 3 days prior. Had they refreshed their report they would have seen I had 15MB to spare. This outage should have never happened.

My web hosting company has a 99.9% (often called “three nines“) uptime guarantee on an annual basis. That’s 0.1% of downtime annually, or 8 hours, 46 minutes, and 12 seconds. In this one mishap I’m more than half way there, with 0.06% downtime.

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