Website Cost Calculator

How much does a basic website cost? This free online calculator will give you a rough estimate from just 5 questions. Need a website in a hurry? I can have your basic website up and running in days. Give me a call to check availability and review your details: 603-497-2500

I’ve also included at the bottom of the page a list of additional costs commonly associated with running a website.

Other Costs To Consider: 

  • A website domain name costs about $20 per year. Watch out for domain name scams!
  • Good quality web hosting starts at $200 per year in increases depending on the size of your site. I like to use SiteGround because their machines are very fast. You can go cheaper but your site will be slower. Slow sites rank lower in Google Search, and frustrate your readers. 
  • If you expect your website will grow over time, avoid free services like WIX, cheap hosting companies like GoDaddy, or any hosting company owned by Endurance International Group (list here). 
  • Do you want help understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? SEO is the process of optimizing your site so that Google will like it. I offer 2 hours of basic SEO training for $120.
  • If you are comfortable using tools like MS Word, you should have a pretty easy time keeping your website up-to-date with WordPress. If you get stuck I am available to help. I bill website support at an hourly rate.
  • Your Content Management System (CMS) should be updated regularly to keep it fast, safe, and secure. I can do this for you for a small monthly fee