Website Cost Calculator

How much does a basic website cost? This free online calculator will give you a rough estimate from just 5 questions. Need a website in a hurry? I can have your basic website up and running in days. Give me a call to check availability and review your details: 603-497-2500

I’ve also included at the bottom of the page a list of additional cost common associated with running a website.

Other Costs To Consider: 

  • A domain name costs about $15 per year. (Watch out for domain name scams)
  • Good quality web hosting cost $180 per year and up depending on the size. I like SiteGround. You can go cheaper but your site will be slower, and rank lower on Google. 
  • If you expect your website will grow over time, avoid free services like WIX, and cheap hosting companies like GoDaddy and ones owned by Endurance International Group (list here). 
  • Do you want help understanding SEO? SEO is the process of optimizing your site so Google will like it. I offer 2 hours of basic SEO training for $120.
  • If you are comfortable using tools like MS Word, you should have a pretty easy time keeping the website up-to-date with WordPress. If you get stuck I will be available to help. I bill website support at an hourly rate.
  • Your CMS should be updated regularly, to keep it fast, safe, and secure. I can do this for you for a small monthly fee.