I built for Ammini Moorthy to help promote her new memoir.

Immigrant Transformed
a memoir
by Ammini Moorthy, PHD,
Grantham NH.

Available on Amazon and in local stores

Here Is What Ammini Was Lookin For

Ammini picked out this inspiration website as an example of what she wanted.

That’s a beautiful website, but to build a site like that would cost more than twice her budget. So we paired down the features and content to make her site more affordable.

Here Is What I Delivered

This 7 pages website was built with WordPress. It using the Sonoran theme by superbaddons, and the Amazon Review widget by Trustindex .

The site looks beautiful, can covers everything Ammini wanted.

I won’t use Sonoran theme again. I found it hard to work with.

The Amazon Review widget is amazing, even the free version. I highly recommend it.

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