Online Trail Map Quiz

If you follow SEO you’ve heard “Content is King” when it comes to generating traffic. Well, there is one thing better than content, and that is interactive online features, like wizards, calculators, and games. These features your readers will use over and over again, not just read once and be done with. A recent interactive … Continue reading Online Trail Map Quiz

Solarize Plus Template for WordPress

Looking for a WordPress Template or Website for a community Solarize+ project? I built a mobile friendly WordPress template in 2018 for Nashua Solarize+. This template includes all of the features you need for your community Solarize+ project: Events schedule on every page Company and sponsor logos on every page Contact Form on the homepage, … Continue reading Solarize Plus Template for WordPress

Known WordPress Vulnerabilities – July 2019

According to Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures and The Free and Open Software Security Community here are the main current security issues with WordPress. The known issues are in plugins and one theme. The WordPress Application itself (the Core) does not have any know issues at this time. The plugin names in bold are ones I’ve … Continue reading Known WordPress Vulnerabilities – July 2019

phpMyEdit for PHP7 and MySQLi

One of my clients uses phpMyEdit but unfortunately when we updated their web hosting account to PHP 7, phpMyEdit v5.7.1 stopped working. The changes required to phpMyEdit to make it work are pretty simple, mainly update the __construct function and migrated mysql_* calls to mysqli_*. My updated version of phpMyEdit is available for download below. … Continue reading phpMyEdit for PHP7 and MySQLi

Goffstown NH Weather Forecast

I built a WordPress plugin and shortcode that grabs weather forecast from the NWS’ new Forecast API. Using the shortcode I can place the forecast anywhere on a post, page, or in a widget. The short code take two perimeters: 1) the location (as latitude, longitude), and 2) the number of days to show. Something … Continue reading Goffstown NH Weather Forecast

New Website For Forestry Organization

One of the new websites I’ve built recently was for New England Society of American Foresters. NESAF is a professional organization for foresters in the Northeast started in the early 1900’s. Rebuilding a large website with many priorities can be intimidating. To make your rebuild feel less daunting try following the simple process we used … Continue reading New Website For Forestry Organization

Rebuilding The SoapstoneWorks Website

One of my recent projects was converting an older static HTML website to a modern responsive website with a WordPress admin system. A static HTML website is hard to update. You need quite a bit of knowledge and skills that’s unlike anything most people have exposure to. However, updating the content on a WordPress most … Continue reading Rebuilding The SoapstoneWorks Website

Year in Review: Hikers Trip Planning the NH 4000 Footers

This graph shows which NH 4000 Foot Peaks hikers research, before they hike them. I got the idea for this graph from a post at The AMC counted posts on Instagram, by peak.  Their numbers look very different than mine. Lots of Instagram post from Mt Washington and Mt Adams but not much else. … Continue reading Year in Review: Hikers Trip Planning the NH 4000 Footers

Warner Realty Partners – Real Estate Website

Yesterday I launched a new commercial real estate site for Warner Realty Partners: Highly customized version of WordPress Spacious theme by Theme Grill. Removed unneeded CSS @media queries for optimal performance. Developed a custom WordPress shortcode to render properties from Catylist MLS on the page. Cached for 12 hours for performance. Good boost for SEO. RETS feed from … Continue reading Warner Realty Partners – Real Estate Website